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Chiropractic Treatments

At the Chiropractic Health Centre in Swindon, we offer treatments with compassion and understanding. We try to serve as many conditions as possible so that we can effectively relieve your pain. Below you can find some of the most common conditions that we treat. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of our treatment options.

Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic treatments can be effective at soothing shoulder problems. Mobilisation of the shoulder joint and soft tissue work has proven to be beneficial for pain in this area. However, shoulder pain can also be related to a neck problem. A thorough examination can help us to get to the true cause of the issue.

Young woman with pain in the back of her neck
Acute pain in a neck at the young women

Neck Pain

The strain of supporting your head can naturally cause your neck to experience pain and discomfort. We can treat neck pain using a package of care that may include manual therapies, exercise, therapeutic advice, and postural advice.

Hip and Groin Pain

Hip pain arises primarily from the joint or soft tissues around this area. It can be a result of pain referral from the spine. Therefore, a full assessment will help to localise the cause.

Cork, Ireland
Woman with backache isolated on white background

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common condition that many people experience. Often, it can originate from an issue in the base of the spine where it meets the pelvis. By targeting this area, we can help localised lower back pain or even pain referring into the leg and groin.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur from a direct injury or from the compensatory effect of other issues. For instance, knee problems typically relate to sporting injuries. Our full investigation will help pinpoint the root cause, allowing us to better treat your knee problems.

Practitioner using his fingers to massage a knee in a room
Beautiful young caucasian woman undergoing a massage


Fibromyalgia is described as a condition that causes widespread pain and extreme tiredness. Its origins are unknown and there is no known cure. Yet, many sufferers of this condition have found that Chiropractic treatments can help ease the symptoms.


Although the changes we see with arthritis cannot be undone, maintaining the optimum joint mobility and muscular condition can help manage the pain associated with arthritis. Through our techniques, we can relieve your joint pain.

Joint Pain
Doctor manipulating the neck of a woman in a room

Whiplash Associated Disorders

Typically caused by car accidents or sports injuries, whiplash injuries can target the neck, shoulder girdle, and lower back. These are three of the areas that we most frequently treat.

What To Expect

The aim of chiropractic treatment is to reduce pain and enhance mobility. Our trusted chiropractor will take you on a full chiropractic journey that will involve assessment, treatment, and advice. During our consultation, you may be asked a variety of questions so that we can establish the root of your condition and treat it appropriately. 

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Free Screens

Call us for a free screening. During this session, we can have a brief chat about your problem. If you've got any questions, we will also try to answer them as best we can!

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