• Clare Duncan-Hawes

Coronovirus Precautions

Due to Coronavirus, we have all had to made changes and adaptations to the way we live our lives.

To assure you that I have taken caution to ensure your safety I have carried out a risk assessment and tried to take every precaution I can. Obviously, the biggest issue is that we can come into contact with the virus without knowing.

A few of the changes I have made is to allow extra time between appointments so that I can clean all the surfaces and bench, it also means no waiting in communal areas. I will also take temperature readings of you and myself on each visit and record below as this is one of the earliest symptoms. I will also wear a facemask, eye protection and apron.

The only thing I ask in return is that you wear a mask and if you have come into contact with anyone with symptoms, or feel unwell yourselves (with anything), that you do not attend your appointment.

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